Cosmic Charlie Escapes Boone Saloon Fire 4/10/2008

On Thursday, April, 10th 2008, a little before midnight, the Boone Saloon in Boone, NC caught on fire while Athens, Georgia's Cosmic Charlie was ripping through their first set.  It was not the band's fault and has been contributed to an accidental fire in the back office. This fire climbed the wall between the back office and the stage and emerged at the top of stage right, just as the band was starting "Loose Lucy".  They stopped the show immediately and began evacuating the building.  Their calmness and swiftness in taking control of the situation has been praised by the owner, management and local fire department.  

Everyone was able to escape unharmed but the band's equipment was not so lucky. The aftermath was all documented for insurance purposes the next day and included such damages as the charred remains of the Band's WALL OF DRUMS affectionately known as "The Beast," among the numerous items destroyed by the fire, black-smoke, and water that filled the club that night.   

The band and the management has been credited with aiding in the club's safe and calm evacuation of the crowd.

 A video of the fire is also up on You Tube right now, check out:

Cosmic Charlie went on to play the next two nights in Blacksburg and Roanoke, VA that weekend.  They managed to power through the rest of their dates on borrowed equipment and some very charred remains.  The band returned home safe and in tact although crispy and honored all future dates.   

This is what is posted on from that night

04/10/08 (Thu)  Boone Saloon - Boone, NC

Set 1: * Mississippi Half Step, Feel Like A Stranger, Row Jimmy, Greatest Story Ever Told, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Loose Lucy** *Dave McKracken on keys **During the Loose Lucy intro, the saloon burst into flames, and almost all gear was lost. All got out OK.

Kane Stanley

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